We're off and running!

It is a privilege to represent the neighborhoods that raised me on Akron City Council. I hope to make you proud, lead with integrity and humility, and provide an independent voice at city hall. Ward 8 is a tremendous place to live, work, play, and raise a family. My wife, Chrissy, and I are proud to be raising our two kids here and want nothing but the best for our neighbors and for Akron. From Merriman Valley to Fairlawn Heights, from Wallhaven to Merriman Hills - Ward 8 has so many strengths to build on. Over the next four years I pledge to be a fierce advocate for our corner of Akron and use my lived experience on our behalf. 

In an effort to provide a high degree of service to Ward 8 residents and businesses, I have launched this website and its companion newsletter to keep you updated on all things city of Akron and Akron City Council-related. Think of them as an "insider look" at your local government. I've organized them both to align with the promises I made on the campaign trail, so that you can track my progress and hold me accountable. My door is open. Visit the "Contact" page and reach out.