At my March Coffee with Councilman Hardy ward meeting, we heard from Mayor Malik's Director of Economic Development, Suzie Graham-Moore, about the White Pond developments. 

Director Graham-Moore updated us on the current state of things, including:

  • Phase 1 of Triton's housing development is underway, representing a total of 143 units (45 single-family ranches and 98 townhomes), all rentals. This phase is currently in its third revision with the city's Plans and Permits Office. Mostly sewer-related issues that still need to be worked out. The building designs and siting have been approved. NOTE: it is common for projects to experience multiple rounds of revision before approval. 
  • A Phase 2 has been submitted to the city's Plans and Permits Office. NOTE: I am not yet aware what this phase entails, I am following up. 
  • The city is doing utility work on the site. 
  • The proposed corporate HQ for Klutch Cannabis, which included a marijuana dispensary, is not moving forward. NOTE: I spoke with the attorney representing the project who confirmed that the current cost of construction has made it impossible to proceed with the project at this point in time. 


Several questions were asked during the meeting, and I worked through Director Graham-Moore to secure some answers, including:

Who is monitoring stormwater issues? Is Summit Soil and Water Conservation District (SSWCD) involved? 

City's Response: Yes. SSWCD is on site monitoring stormwater/runoff/quality during construction. There will be 3 sediment basins during construction. Two have been constructed with skimmers to allow only for the clean water discharge. Stormwater control during and post-construction are based on Ohio EPA standards. SSWCD, and the city, are working with Triton on the third sediment basin. Post-construction, there will be 2 dry basins that the developer will have to maintain through their agreement with the city. These basins will all have to be approved by SSWCD and the city. Additionally, SSWCD will conduct inspections every five years to make sure the basins are working properly. So far the SSWCD inspector is happy. The soils are sandy, so there is little runoff as the stormwater seeps downward. 

The gas wells on the site have been capped. The city does not seem to beaware of this, how can we be certain the work was done properly?

City's Response: The city's Chief Building Official was aware of the work. Capping the gas wells was necessary to remove restrictions on placing infrastructure and housing on the land. Triton's contractors performed the work. Anyone can view the current status of the wells by visiting Ohio Department of Natural Resources's Oil & Gas Viewer HERE. The exact names for each well are, Directional Well: 34153231300000 & Directional Well: 34153230850000. 


Finally, many asked for more regular updates on White Pond. I am in touch with my colleague, Ward 4 Councilwoman Jan Davis, about co-hosting quarterly community meetings through the duration of construction. Stay tuned for more details on those. Many thanks to Director Graham-Moore, her staff, and the Plans and Permits Office for their responsiveness.