Updated 1-28-2024

Those of us who frequent Frank Blvd/White Pond Dr have no doubt seen the mess that is 42 S. Frank Blvd.  In 2023, the owners decided to demolish the property believing it was separate from 50 S. Frank Blvd - it wasn't. As a result they halted demolition leaving an unsafe situation behind. 

Many of you called the city about 42 S. Frank Blvd, I did as well, only to learn that the property owners of 50 S. Frank Blvd retained an attorney to represent them in seeking remedy for the damage done to their building. The city understandably allowed time for both parties to come to some type of private agreement that would allow the site to be restored to some state of cleanliness and safety. Months later and the site remains unchanged. 

As your incoming City Councilman I reached out the city's Building Superintendent to implore him to inspect the building for himself in order to understand the public's concern. I've known our Building Superintendent for years and he is a good man. He agreed to see the site for himself, and upon reviewing, felt that something had to be done to secure the site. Loose masonry can be picked up and used to break windows. Unsafe structures can be hazardous to kids playing in the rubble or individuals seeking shelter from the elements. 

I'm pleased to report the city will be issuing an "Order to Comply" to the owners of 42 S. Frank Blvd, requiring the site be cleaned and a construction fence be erected to secure the site. Hopefully the property owner will comply quickly, but I will stay on it regardless. 

In the meantime the two property owners will continue to seek a remedy from each other for their grievances, and should I become aware of any movement on that front I will let residents know.   

1/28/24 Update: the property owner, responding to an order to comply from the city of Akron, erected a construction fence to improve security at the property. I will continue to stay on this issue in the weeks and months to come.