Akron is home to incredible companies, schools, neighborhoods, and small businesses - and yet many of our neighbors are struggling to get ahead. Our official poverty rate stands at 22.7%. Our official median household income remains stagnant at $46,596/year. To put this in perspective, our poverty rate is almost double that of Ohio (13.4%) and a family of four needs to make at least $60,024/year just to afford the basics in Akron. 

We have work to do to make sure all our neighbors have what they need to thrive.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm committed to be an advocate for all of us feeling the pinch of difficult economic times. To do so I need to educate myself on the needs of our residents and businesses. In the coming months I plan to meet with as many Ward 8 small businesses as possible, to hear from them what is working and what is not. I have already begun meeting with city officials, nonprofits, and housing leaders to learn what efforts are already underway and what more may be needed. 

Have ideas or concerns? Reach out and let me know.  I want to hear them.